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Satoshi Nakamoto and the Fate of our Planet

If you’re interested in cryptocurrency, at some point you’re going to come across Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and court jester of Twitter. He has strong opinions, he’s not afraid to share them, and apparently he’s also not afraid to completely reverse them due to ecological concerns over blockchain mining.

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Disagree, whoever you are, admin.

Musk has a long term vision, and every action works towards that. Beyond already disrupting a lot of other social norms, he’s working towards sustainable planets - this one that us and our ancestors have botched up, and the next ones. He knows his profile to push the platform of renewable energy. Bitcoin / mining / NFTs have a major problem with energy consumption - and at the peak of the recent Bull run attention he used his platform to bring it to global mainstream attention. Unlike the majority of people, he doesn’t just say stuff for the sake of it - it’s another step on the ladder towards his long term projects. He states a problem, and then puts considerable resources and effort into solving it.


Ah, space… where “frozen oxygen” acts like a mouse :wink:

Saying stuff just for the sake of it… and because this energetic universe is insanely interesting in its resonance!

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:rofl: That’s too funny!

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Think of this for an instant.
Also,perhaps pertinent to What's your views on "money"? - #10 by 8jef

A) ENERGY & FINTECH Thorium Powered Molten Salt Reactor, running at atmospheric pressure, fail safe, load following ( these reactors can consume decommissioned nuclear weapons plutonium, leaving behind much shorter lived, which also means more intensely radioactive waste- which means it will be safe in couple of hundreds of years, and not many thousands of years of waste management, here’s a lead… ) A Nuclear reactor powering a hybrid Bitcoin miner, located at a renewable energy hub, and connected to a superconducting international power grid that trades KWHrs of renewable energy.

This is designed cognizant of the Gaia hypothesis A battery bank or a deep wallet may suffice for the present in lieu of a Modular reactor… but, in the long run the excess heat generated from both the mining and waste fission heat, can be used to provide efficiencies to emergent new technologies that can provide valuable new capabilities to society, such as Growing Custom diamond products including IC’s for electronics where heat will be dispersed better, optics for power transmission lasers and, 3D Printing of custom designed Titanium products entirely free of Carbon emissions, printing your own designs out for a bike frame in Titanium. The Hot Molten Salts common to the reactor could transfer the heat to a FFC process Titanium Electrolysis plant to make bigger components. Aircraft, rockets, electric vehicles, submersibles and ships could all directly benefit from the weight savings, strength and durability to saltwater make it a completely recyclable structural material that has also proven to be ideal for medical implants as they are not rejected by the body. This could be the key to make the whole production conglomerate green, clean and mean. A new age of Titanium.

B) GLOBAL CARBON RESERVE To offset the Carbon emissions of mining, a future mining rig will be required to not only be Carbon neutral but also be Carbon Negative in an absolute sense. That means Biotic Carbon or Living Carbon must be taken to a Lithospheric state, in order to rebalance the Global Carbon Budget while providing a transparent, competitive playing strategy for greater efficiency and effectiveness. Diamonds being the highest grade of Carbon in that respect, this aspect is designed to make an about-turn in the world’s economy’s unhealthy addiction to The Satanic Formula a formula, that burns fossil Hydrocarbon in biotic Oxygen to produce two strong new atmospheric forcings, Water Vapour and Carbon Dioxide, that’s in addition to the heat energy (e) that’s liberated.

(The prefixes are f for fossil, b for biotic and n for new.)
This is the very embodiment, and the reason for the crumbling of the fossil fuel era, Our Atmosphere IS very precious indeed!

C) DATA & TRANSPORTATION Secure Communications, Economic activity, and circular economies within and among watersheds, competing with each other for better physical quality of life indexes.
All this running on a backbone of transparency, especially of the renewable/backed up by a load following nuclear power mix to run communications piggyback on the power grid and the transportation networks across cities and continents. Mitigation of species loss by climate friendly design and by a design conscious of The Theory of Island Biogeography is imperative to reduce the ecological footprint on the landscape as well. Elevated or subterranean; as the ecology of a region predicates, the design should be. A measure of biological diversity to biomass as a ratio will be key to conservation of species here on earth.

If Mr. Musk pulls parts of that one off… I’ll be very happy! And I believe… he will be very happy too… :grin::grin:

Because he can play with most of this architecture on Mars as well, as well as fuel his starship for a speedy return to a brand new Earth. :wink:


merhaba admin hakli elon musk cok mudahale ediyor kripto paralara adamim senin uzayli oldugunu saniyorum neden dunya işlerine karisiyorsun

hadi artık uzaylılar!?

Sanırım onlar, başka bir zamandan, tarihe geçmiş en büyük dramı, tehdidi ya da olayı izlemek için can atan biziz.

Daha da ileri gideceğim, onlar da "Ana Yönerge (resmi olarak Yıldız Filosu Düzeni 1), Yıldız Filosu temsilcilerinin evreni keşfederken karşılaştıkları diğer kültür ve medeniyetlere müdahale yasağıdır.

Özellikle, Ana Yönerge, teknolojik olarak daha az gelişmiş uygarlıkların iç gelişimine müdahaleyi önlemeyi amaçlamaktadır."

Bu sen ve ben dostum!

Kendine yarı saygı duyan bir uzaylı olsaydın; neden dünya işlerine karışasın ki?

Karbonu sabitlemek, fosil yakıtların biz insanlara ve gezegenimize verdiği aşırı hasarı geri almakla ilgilidir.

Enerji faktörünün odaklandığı için çok mutluyum ve oradaki siz ciddi fosil yakıt özürlü insanlarla oynarken eğleniyor.

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