Run-o-rama (runorama) option

so Imagine you have a load of data you want to quickly write to the DHT… without having to go through multiple UI forms etc…
It could be a backup restore…
It could be for testing / multi -user testing with persistence

welcome “Run-o-rama” which would use a real conductor … not one that is spawned and killed …
it would use a similar ontology to tryorama .
preferably command line and without having to go through a websocket

any ideas anyone?.. something similar?

Sounds like a great idea. I think that maybe Tryorama with TryCP (which is a control protocol that real conductors obey) could be used to do what you’re talking about, and that would save having to write a new Node.JS library. I don’t know enough about TryCP yet to be confident about that though — it’s pretty new to me.

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