Request for submissions: projects interested in HoloREA

Next week I’ll be presenting at the New Economy Network Australia annual conference and it would be pretty neat to be able to give some vague overview of our burgeoning ValueFlows ecosystem to the audience. I must confess there is so much going on that I have lost track of who’s engaged and to what degree. Plus we’re starting to get to the point where “connecting dots” to form wider economies and ecosystems is becoming relevant; and listing yourself is a start towards finding other platforms and groups with the resources and skills your part of the constellation requires.

So I’m requesting all your help! :sparkling_heart:

Whether you are merely interested in REA accounting and ValueFlows and remain to be convinced, or you’re fully invested and already creating your own data models and solutions— we want to hear from you! Let’s get the old index updated and fleshed out with some detailed individual pages describing all of your projects and the beautiful visions they have in store for this world; and of course their relationship to ValueFlows and/or HoloREA.

Ways you can help:

  1. Create your own wiki page using the provided template. This is the preferred option for those who are familiar with Markdown syntax, as entering a page directly means no further admin work is needed.
  2. If the above daunts you, another option is to copy the template into a new issue in the holo-rea/ecosystem project, or simply write your own words and ask to be included in the index.
  3. If you’re super super pressed for time then feel free to just reply here in brief and one of our team can follow up with an issue etc to track the necessary admin work.

All responses will also be included in a larger “ecosystem map” diagram / document that myself, @thomasmiller and others without accounts here are putting together on Miro. It’s an early work in progress but will be shared as soon as it’s been cleaned up a bit. Note that this map extends beyond the Holochain ecosystem :wink:

I’m conscious that deciding on your input & output resource / skill types can be a difficult task; but give it your best shot for now. You can always come back to it. Listing these particulars is what will enable us to eventually sync up the inputs & outputs of various groups to enable powerful synergies, (deep) wealth creation opportunities and ethical supply chains between related industry players.

To help guide your thinking (which I’m somewhat uncomfortable with but, OK, in this context it seems a sensible framing), here are some question prompts:

  • What are the most important resources for you to track?
  • How do resources & value flow through your platform?
    • Are there resources that come in from external sources?
    • Are there resources that are produced by participants within your network?
    • How do resources leave your platform to enter the wider world?
  • What transformations or processes do you perform in converting those inputs to outputs?
  • What related value flows (external to your platform) are vital to your value chain?
  • What critical transformations do you rely on others in your value chain to perform?

(Note that it is likely, though unconfirmed, that CommonsEngine’s facilitation for different industry cohorts will explore similar lines of questioning in more detail as part of future workshops.)

Looking forward to seeing what shows up. I think we’ll find we may be surprised at the possibilities which manifest!


Just saw this @pospi - is it still relevant?

Yep! I will maybe add this as a page on the wiki too, so that groups continue adding themselves (:

Persistent instructions now at

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