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Reputation Vault + 'Neighbourhoods'

Team Size: 4
Members on the forum: @CoffeeBiscotti @jethro

Description: Reputation Vault helps an individual port their reputation across DNAs in a contextual manner. By doing this, we enable network effects for reputation, opening new dimensions for engaging with each other on the internet.
In the long run, we believe reputation currencies will help build ‘Neighbourhoods’ on the internet.



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No Similar Site We are crazy visionaries building this new world :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Where are we at
Proof of concept: Staking protocol developed through an iterative process with our community.

Design and Implementation: Mapping architecture for our staking protocol on Holochain based on patterns that are gaining traction. Building libraries for Reputation Data modules.

Fundraising: Raised capital over the last couple years, planning to take on next tranche in June/July 2020


  • Holochain knowledge: Have a decent understanding, learning patterns from others in the community.
  • Front-End: React(6), Javascript(8)
  • Back-End: Rust(4), NodeJs(6),
  • UI/UX: CSS(8), Photoshop(8),
  • Fundraising skills: (8)
  • Community building and engagement: (9)
  • Project Management: (8)
  • Legal + corporate structuring: (8)

Commitment:: Full time

What do I need:

  • Help with a few specific modules: Bridging, modularity, capability tokens, how the Personas app works, what RAD/scaffolding tools will be build by Holo
  • Conversations with more high level systemic thinkers always helps.
  • More devs with basic rust skills

You know you can always reach out to me Sid for the systems thinking stuff.

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Thanks - hope to keep the conversations going @GraceR

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