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My must-listens that I would add:


I highly recommend ZigZag:

It started out as a linear storytelling podcast following the two founders as they tentatively hitch their wagon to a well-meaning crypto project aimed at funding journalism. While that venture has mixed results, they elegantly pivot (or as they would say, zigzag) into a broader cultural debate.

ZigZag takes an honest look at the culture of business and work—and what needs to change.

Also RFC podcast for great insights on open source sustainability:

…and the Distributed podcast with founder of WordPress Matt Mullenweg for interviews with other remotely based companies (hey, maybe Holo should be on this podcast :wink: )

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This week on Hidden Brain, we challenge established ideas about the origins of currency, and highlight the connection between money and relationships.

“Society is a thing of ongoing continuous relationships. The settling and unsettling of debts, on and on and on and on and on.”