React Native holochain development

Im react native developer.
I wonder if i can build an app with react native and publish it on the app store and google play while the server is developed on the holochain network.

If i can, how will be the comunication between the front end and back end? Is it with regual http protocol?
Can i use microsirvice architecture on the holochain? The services will be developed using NodeJS and c++ and python.


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Hi :slight_smile:

I do react native development as well, and Holochain, but so far I haven’t brought the two together in a satisfactory way.
It is non-idiomatic, and even contrary to the CAL license outlined by Holochain, to run Holochain on a server that is remote from the client, since the client won’t be able to directly hold and control their private keys.

I and others have been pulling for support for android and ios compile targets for Holochain, meaning they could actually be run on the device itself. Holochain hasn’t prioritized this on their roadmap yet.


i think the mobile app industry is the best place to target since the mobile applications is an essential for every company.
need to bring that issue to the holochain team