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Hi there

I tried to generate a happ with RAD-Tools-Phase-2:

$ git clone https://github.com/holochain/RAD-Tools-Phase-2.git
$ nix-shell
$ npm i
$ npm run happ:generate

but it ends with this error:

Updating git repository https://github.com/holochain/holochain-anchors
error: failed to select a version for the requirement futures = "= 0.3.5"
candidate versions found which didn’t match: 0.3.16, 0.3.15, 0.3.14, …
location searched: crates.io index
required by package holochain_core_types v0.0.49-alpha1
… which is depended on by hdk v0.0.49-alpha1
… which is depended on by zome v0.1.0 (/home/admin/RAD-Tools-Phase-2/happ/dna-src/zomes/zome/code)
Error: Couldn’t traverse DNA in directory “/home/admin/RAD-Tools-Phase-2/happ/dna-src”: command CARGO_TARGET_DIR=${CARGO_TARGET_DIR:-/tmp/my_first_app/target} && cargo build --release --target=wasm32-unknown-unknown --target-dir=$CARGO_TARGET_DIR was not successful

What should I do?

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I’m sure someone with far more knowledge than me will be able to help with specifics however out of pure interest I pulled up the M$ GitHub project page for RAD-Tools-Phase-2 and in the “About” section it says:


The second tier of RAD tools, automating a UI GraphQL and DNA generation based on a JSON schema file. (Deprecated now was for redux version of Holochain)

Here’s a post re the new version:



Ah, I guess I should go through all my notifications before replying :wink: I see you’ve already been helped here so linking for any future visitors!

Thanks stephen.That’s a pity it is already deprecated…I was looking for a tool like this.

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