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Quick Update - October the 5th, 2021

Quick Update

As of October 1st, we officially kicked off the HoloPort Alpha Program in which we begin paying hosts for the use of their HoloPort.

Today, participants will receive their first Availability Metrics Report - allowing them to see at a high-level that their HoloPorts are functioning on the Holo Network and meeting the minimum requirements.

HoloPorts in the program may be used by the Holo team for a variety of uses. Some will be assigned to specific developers so that they can use HoloPorts to test Holochain and Holo features during development. Some will run on our flexNet where they may be used for regression testing, load testing or other integrated testing. Others will host apps on the flexNet allowing for manual pre-release testing and still others will run large stress tests. Finally a group of HoloPorts will be allocated to the public alphaNet where soon applications will be published and made available for preview for the wider community.

This program is an outstanding win-win for hosts who have invested in a HoloPort and for our team as it allows us to power through testing in a distributed context. So thank you to all who are participating. There are still a few spots left in the program for those who are interested but have not signed up yet.


Hi @lucas.tauil, I am interested, can you please share details on how to sign up?


Hi @sabro do you have a HoloPort already? The program is for hosts that have one.

Thanks @lucas.tauil, not yet. Missed out on that one. Waiting for the next batch.


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