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Quick Update - October 8th 2021

A week after we began paying hosts for the use of their HoloPorts, the HoloPort Alpha Program continues to welcome new participants. We’re testing and improving the program itself as we learn about the best methods for pulling data from a distributed network, and serving reports to the people participating in the program. HoloPorts in the program will be used in several ways to test Holochain and Holo apps including: integration tests, load tests, regression tests, and large scale stress tests. Soon we’ll also be using these HoloPorts to welcome the public to try P2P apps. In other words, web users will able to try P2P Holochain applications published to the Holo network.
Equally exciting, Dev Camp participants and community devs are getting real-time support for their Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools from the Holochain dev team. These community-created tools make is much easier to build Holochain applications. Over the next few weeks Dev Campers will be building their own app using these RAD tools. These apps will then be easy for non-developers to install and use using the new Holochain launcher.

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