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Quick Update - October 29th, 2021

Today’s Update

The early stage of our process towards the public release of Elemental Chat began this week with an interoperability test with the chat app running as a hosted application on Holo and also running as an independent node using the Holochain Launcher.

This test was not one that was originally planned as part of the public release, but we identified a great opportunity for receiving real-world feedback for this use case that in the future will be an everyday experience for many users. What we’re looking for is relatively equal performance when users are taking the same actions —How long does it take to receive messages? What happens when nodes go offline and come back online?

We’ve already found a few issues, some that are just variances with how the prototype app works in each context and some that are related to gossip configurations in Holochain. Critical issues are being worked on for continued testing this week. Next week we’ll begin to move into the expanded release process.


Hi Lucas,

That all sounds very positive and what a big step forward a public release of Elemental Chat will be.

I’m looking forward to that!


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Finally ! That is great news, :grin:

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