Quick Update - November the 25th

Today’s Update

Elemental Chat for Hosts - Infrastructure 1 Milestone


We have working elemental chat with networking on HoloPorts.
So far we have tested 3 HoloPorts in chat room.
We see none of the network consistency issues that we used to with Redux (so far).
We’ve completed minor UX improvements (so testers will know that they have updated or need to reboot).

Test Results and Next Steps:

Messages take longer to arrive than we would like and we are investigating why
Resiliency (e.g. Holochain occasionally freezes and needs restarting)
Need to ensure our gateway (holo-router) isn’t going to be affecting by the upcoming release. This is a critical risk as it would result in no one being able to use their HoloPort.
Investigating 3-4 specific bugs that have been identified.
HPOS Upgrade in Pre-Release will deploy to Open Release this week.
Over 30 pre-release testers have updated their HoloPorts to the lates HoloPort Operating System (HPOS) in preparation for the upcoming test of Elemental Chat for Hosts. We’re taking feedback and preparing messaging for the release to the wider community so that this update works without the need for a monitor or keyboard connected to the HoloPort.

Finally, many of our team members - especially those on our Holochain team are in North America and taking the rest of this week as holiday, so we wish them a Happy Thanksgiving. We’ll share more about the HPOS release on the Holo Forum as those details are ready.

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