Quick Update - November the 20th

Today’s Update

We have completed QA for the HPOS 20.09 update and are preparing to release that update first, to the pre-release testers and then, to the wider community of hosts. This release is an update for HoloPorts that will require anyone who has already registered their port to do a reset and re-register. This prepares HoloPorts for the upcoming milestones.

The Holochain team and the Holo dev team have been testing, integrating, and testing and integrating, and testing some more – in preparation for the Infrastructure 1 release where Elemental Chat will be useable as a proof of concept holochain application running on HoloPorts. After a few fixes to the automated installation process for hApps onto the Holoport, Elemental Chat was correctly being installed and run. We’re resolving a few other known issues in the dev-test and expect to move into QA early next week.

These infrastructure releases, are the ones that prepare the Holo Network to work with Holochain RSM. Infrastructure 1 demonstrates hosts using an RSM app with P2P networking through the Holo hosting distributed platform. This will be released to all hosts that are running HoloPorts.

Soon after, Infrastructure 2 will demonstrate that same Holochain RSM application hosted on HoloPorts and useable by regular web users.

A quick note about Nanos, our team received the shipments to test. With all of our updates to the HoloPort operating system (HPOS), we’re running tests to ensure we can get them working with all the latest and greatest HPOS updates now. When we are done with that testing, we’ll share more. For these upcoming releases, we will be sending an invitation for Nano owners to participate in our pre-release user testing that can be done via the web.