Quick Update - November the 17th

Today’s Update

The last planned task for basic p2p networking that the Holochain team was working on last week has been completed as of yesterday. At this point, Holochain RSM is not simply at parity with the previous version, but it has leapt ahead in terms of feature functionality.

This morning the team announced that we had the first positive test of Holochain networking with Elemental Chat:


This means we have moved into a dev/test phase for Holochain networking using Elemental Chat. The Holo Team is jumping in to make some changes to Elemental chat based on recent Holochain RSM updates and when that is complete, we will be doing integrated dev/tests for Elemental Chat running on HoloPorts by Hosts. In recent days the Holo team with the help of open-source community contributors has been upgrading our testing framework (called Tryorama) to work with Holochain RSM. This is key to the tests that will need to be performed soon.

The Holo Team has also completed the upgrade of Nix to 20.09, which bumps up the HoloPort operating system (HPOS) to be able to use the latest release of Rust - which is what Holochain RSM is using. So now, we are working to prepare a release of HPOS that will go out to all HoloPorts. This release into our open-alpha environment will likely require all ports to reset and re-register on the Holo network. This process, however, will prepare all hosts for the upcoming milestones where we first, make Elemental Chat available to hosts and then second, make Elemental Chat more widely available to any registered open-alpha tester via a regular web browser.