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Quick Update - November 23rd, 2021

Today’s Update

If you haven’t noticed, we hit 5,000+ peers on Elemental Chat, with as many as 1,000+ peers simultaneously chatting! We’re pleased with those numbers for three important reasons: 1) Elemental Chat is being hosted on HoloPorts in peoples’ homes; 2) We’ve learned a tremendous amount about Holochain and the Holo infrastructure; and 3) This version is unsharded. This last point is critical to underline because sharding is what will make massive scaling of Holochain possible.

We’ll be closing the window to this test of Elemental Chat, soon. And we’ll share more details about what we’ve learned and what to expect shortly after that.

The entire Holo team continues to applaud everyone who has tried Elemental Chat (and hosted it!). Many thanks again to everyone around the world.