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Quick Update - November 19th, 2021

Open Alpha Test for Elemental Chat – Update

We’re edging up on 2500 total peers in the test - this is 5x as many as we have previously tested with.

About an hour ago we had nearly 1200 active peers. That is about 12x the number of simultaneous users that we’ve seen in any previous closed testing.

The number of messages is currently over 13,500. This is well over the counts in previous testing.

This is all in the context of an alpha test of a prototype chat app. We’re learning a ton about how the Holo network, Holochain and HoloPorts all work at different levels of use. The plan is to keep testing, to keep giving people around the world the opportunity to try it out.

We’ve seen some variation in the experience of performance from various users. Many people are experiencing instantaneous messaging while others are seeing messages arrive after several seconds. We’re working to understand if those variances are based on port capacity inclusive of CPU and bandwidth/connectivity speeds.

We have not yet built some of the redundancy and resilience features of the Holo network that are on the roadmap, so we expect to see some loss of access if a HoloPort goes down or becomes unresponsive for a period of time. Also, this test is not using Holochain’s patented network sharding yet. We are purposefully configured to have a single arc/shard, which means all HoloPort nodes are holding and serving 100% of the data and are gossiping 100% of the data.

We’re extremely pleased with the success so far and we are looking forward to see just how far we’ll reach with this test. So if you want to see it for yourself or participate in this unique event, join us online at Test Elemental Chat - Holo.

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