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Quick Update - May the 29th, 2021

Today’s Update

As mentioned in the AMA and previous update this week, we’re excited about our progress, what we’re learning about hosted hApps (w/ Elemental Chat as a proof-of-concept hApp), and what the next round of improvements will give us. There are lots of complex details --and what we can say in this short blurb is we’re deep into several experiments and are already getting a clearer picture of what our near future path looks like.

Recently our focus has been on two things both of which saw significant improvements this week:

  • real-world reliability: ensuring user actions (sign-ins/sign-outs/connections/etc) are as robust as possible against network disconnects.
  • user experience in sad-path-cases: when something doesn’t work, the user knows what to do next (sign-out and sign in/refresh/try again/etc)

Now we’re focusing on:

  • Reliability-at-scale: ensuring HoloPorts can easily handle multiple, simultaneous hosted users–also in adverse network conditons.

Getting there begins with running several experiments, and rounds of automated tests. After that, we’ll again have our pre-release testers jump into some real-world experimenting as well.