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Quick Update - May the 18th, 2021

Today’s Update

The testing of hosted elemental chat is progressing well. Here are a few updates from development:

  • We have completed substantial reliability and user experience improvements to hosted user key management and state management (i.e. keeping a web user synced with Host)
  • We are testing host and publishing improvements critical for bringing in more HoloPorts to the network without hands-on and manual intervention
  • We have identified and are working on fixes to messaging responsiveness that will bring the hosted version of Elemental Chat on par with the self-hosted experience

We had paused adding more pre-release testers into the environment. There are currently over 50 who have joined the test, but we’re waiting to encourage more rigorous testing until after the fixes above are all deployed into the pre-release environment.

As a note, all of the improvements we are addressing here are to our general infrastructure and these will carry forward to our future releases and the overall resilience of the Holo hosting platform.