Quick Update - March the 3rd, 2021

Today’s Update

The update to Holochain was deployed out to all HoloPorts and folks on the Elemental Chat P2P test should be chatting again. We now have over 300 peers on the Chat App.



Thats great!! I would love to see speed test, and storage status, cpu etc within the admin panel on Holoport… and also know how to install a desktop environment on the box would make things super cool thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @timandersen at tis stage the idea is to keep Elemental Chat as a proof-of-concept, that is a toy app meant to test the holo and Holochain infrastructure. We are laser focused on building the pillar apps for the Holo Hosting marketplace to go into beta. Once this is out other functionalities will come into focus. Hold tight in there.

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