Quick Update - March the 2nd, 2021

Today’s Update

A huge shoutout to all the fans and followers of the project that made #HoloMonday so great. It was amazing to see so many posts shared by the community.

Ok so what’s happening with Elemental Chat?

Quick recap… Elemental Chat is a POC for our alpha testing and we’re getting great feedback from the host participants and our analysis of how the app is working over time on HoloPorts.

In the past several days we’ve noticed a new issue crop up. There are different symptoms. For new users, it can look like there are not a lot of channels or users in the app. For those of us who have been in the app since day one, the peer data is missing from the stats. Now that we know the cause, it is not at all surprising that this is happening.

Essentially, the Holochain db is full on your local sourcechain. We configured a relatively small max size on the db and we have not yet implement the auto resizing feature that we knew would be necessary. In a previous update we mentioned that the Holochain team was reworking the database tech at a low level. That work is nearly done. We’re now testing out a new size configuration for the database with a few users and if all tests pass, we’ll push that out to everyone so we can all continue chatting.

In the meantime, if when you click on the stats it looks like this image below, then you know you have run into the issue.

More updates coming soon.


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