Quick Update - March the 12th, 2021

Today’s News

We’re preparing to redeploy the chat application to hosts in our Alpha Test for Elemental Chat on Monday March 15th.

What that means is that hosts are going to experience the same chat experience but the historical messages will be cleared and we will begin to see the peers in the application grow from a small number back to the 360+ we have today.

In more technical terms we are updating the DHT by deploying a new DNA (application backend) with a new identifier for the shared database as well as a refactored frontend.

A Bit of Context

The current test has provided exactly what a test should provide - a learning opportunity. We have been watching and analysing performance and user experience in order to improve it. We have found small bugs in the Elemental Chat front end, and also some networking issues related to the current state of Holochain development. These findings let us reprioritise work in the Holochain team so that we better enable development priorities on the Holo roadmap. It really is a dance getting both Holochain and Holo production ready.

Why are we doing this now?

The test environment is still working fine, and this small reset of the host environment let’s us evaluate all together the many changes that have been made at different layers of our tech in the natural deployed environment. We also are planning to begin sending email campaigns to the many HoloPort owners who have not yet turned on their ports and joined the conversation.

Quick Summary

  • Elemental Chat for hosts will be reset on Monday - March 15th
  • Historical chat data will be cleared
  • The chat experience will be essentially the same
  • Hosts may notice that DNA reference is displayed differently in the hover