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Quick Update - June the 25th, 2021

Today’s Update

Yesterday we reached out to our pre-release testers so that we could add their HoloPorts to an upcoming test. The intention is to move 100 HoloPorts into our staging environment and run a manual test of Hosted Elemental Chat. One of our intentions is to validate regular use patterns in the hosted environment against our automated load tests.

The Holo dev team moved back to an earlier Holochain build after the Wasmer leak was identified upstream last week. The combination of updates that were made across the Holo infrastructure and the Elemental Chat DNA seem to have addressed many of the reliable issues encountered in earlier tests. So we are proceeding with community testing again.

Here is the plan:

  • Identify HoloPorts that will be used in the test
  • Run checks on each HoloPort’s network connection and accessibility
  • Ensure HoloPorts are configured and updated with the lates HPOS settings and have the Elemental Chat app installed
  • Team Testing
  • Valid Joining Codes sent to pre-release testers (little by little)
  • Begin chatting on Hosted Elemental Chat