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Quick Update - June the 19th, 2021

Today’s Update

We were in a holding pattern for the memory leak defect during most of this week. However, we’ve now identified a work-around for that while the Wasmer team fixes the issue upstream. We’re implementing and testing that today and hope to then integrate it with some of the other performance improvements that the team has been working on.

When all of these pieces come together, it will unlock two major efforts: 1) a new release of Holochain, and 2) the load testing of Elemental Chat so that we can proceed with expanded community testing.

We are incredibly appreciative of our community of early adopters who have purchased HoloPorts and have had them registered and working in the testnet. We’ll soon be offering new mutually supportive ways to have those HoloPorts be used more fully for testing as we expand and improve the network during Open-Alpha.

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