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Quick Update - June the 10th, 2021

Today’s Update

In the Dev Pulse last week, we shared about major upgrades to Holochain that have now been incorporated into the version Holo is using for Elemental Chat. These improvements to the core code are now being evaluated in both automated and manual runs of the chat app on Holo’s hosting infrastructure.

The Holochain tests demonstrated fantastic results related to improvements to gossip and the database migration from LMDB to SQLite. However, when running this new version with Elemental Chat on Holo in our load testing, we’ve identified a bug that is specifically slowing down the process of peers joining the application.

The dev team is digging into that issue and we’re finishing up several features and processes that will directly effect the upcoming release and alpha test of Elemental Chat for browser based users:

  • A process for browser-ready Elemental Chat users to get a one time registration code
  • Enabling HoloPorts to automatically install Elemental Chat as a hosted app
  • Ability to track and report uptime statistics of HoloPorts
  • Enhanced error messaging at signup and login

Testing during development and open-alpha is becoming increasingly important for the continued evolution of the Holo platform. And testing on distributed HoloPorts at scale is part of that. We’ll be sharing more about how we plan to work with our community of HoloPorts owners in the coming weeks.

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