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Quick Update - July the 24th

Today’s Update

We restarted the Pre-Release of Hosted Elemental Chat yesterday and it is going well so far. We have over 50 new people in the chat app! We’re continuing to add more people every day to this test. Our goal is to have 200+ users within the next week.

I want to restate the importance of the Hosted Elemental Chat as a milestone for Holo. This release is testing the end to end hosting infrastructure. This is the first larger test with real people of a peer-to-peer Holochain application being hosted by the peer-to-peer Holo hosting network.

Each user when they create their credentials are creating the cryptographic keys for their instance of the application. Holo cannot write chats on their behalf… ever. Holo cannot remove an entry for a user… ever.

The only thing Holo can do - as the infrastructure provider that bridges the connection to the centralised Internet - is prevent an application from being hosted on the platform. Applications of course have their own sets of rules and the creators and developers of those applications will design those.

Congrats to the Holo dev team and our tireless delivery team for getting this out to our Pre-Release community. And huge thanks too to everyone in the Pre-Release community who is either volunteering your port for hosting or joining in the chat environment and giving feedback!


Yes yes yes thanks very much for all your hard work!

This. So much this!

Superb. Incredible. Inspiring.

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