Quick Update - Jan the 20th, 2021

Today’s Update

Elemental Chat for Hosts is back in Community Testing as of yesterday evening! We’re excited to see more than 36 nodes with 450 messages sent so far as of about 1pm CET (Fri, Jan 21 12 PM UTC) .

The experience according to feedback is that it is even better than the last test in December. We are seeing very quick and consistent instant messages received and then when folks go offline and come back gossip is healing the local data for the node, ensuring peers have eventual consistency in the app. Experiencing P2P apps as functional and fast is huge.

What’s Next?

  1. We’re going to spend the rest of this week testing with our pre-release community.
  2. In parallel, we’re going to run load tests to see if the gossip configurations are working effectively for 500 nodes with Elemental Chat.

An important part of the work we did in Holochain in the past week or so is to make some of the settings configurable, so if we find any performance issues during this automated load test, we will easily be able to change the settings and test other configurations until we find the right options for higher loads. As we do that, we can push them out into the community test so that we simultaneously have them tested for the user experience.