Quick Update - Feb the 20th, 2021

Today’s Update (a bit techie)

The team has been working to integrate and test the Infrastructure 2 Milestone - which is Elemental Chat working for regular web users.

This next milestone is perhaps the most important single milestone on our roadmap. It is the full demonstration of a hosted p2p application available for web users. The technology involved in this is quite a bit different from what was released earlier this month. Consider that right now, any host who is using Elemental Chat has a direct URL to their port when they access the application. Further Holochain is only running the app for one user.

When the app is being served to web users, each person accessing it will be routed through the open web to Holo infrastructure and then directed to a HoloPort where their sourcechain is stored. That also means that each HoloPort is running an instance of the app for each of those users who are using their own private keys in their browsers to send the chat messages.

From a fresh HoloPort environment (cleared database + rebooted) we can confirm the following works:

  • Creating Credentials / Logging In
  • Multiple agents joining the chat app
  • Creating channels and messages
  • Gossip delivery of messages to nodes

We’ve found a few resilience issues that we are working on and we have not yet tested for the quick signals required in the chat application. We’ll share more as we move deeper into the testing, but so far it is going well.