Quick Update - Feb 25th 2021

As we shared in the AMA yesterday our Alpha Testing with Hosts is going great as it’s allowing us to learn a ton about our infrastructure. Right now, we’re specifically assessing the interactions between Holochain gossip and signals as they work in the wild of an application.

We’ve deployed UI changes during the test, so, if you are chatting , you may have noticed some differences. We resolved a couple of bugs, and it seems we also introduced a new bug. We’re working on some further changes for Elemental Chat and will let you know when we deploy those. We’ll share more in the Welcome Channel on EC as well as in the Holo Forum for those participating in the test.

NEWS: We’ve made it possible for Hosts to login to the Host Console.

There is not much to see yet, but Hosts can go to the settings page where they can toggle on the SSH setting. The SSH feature allows our support team and our developers to see what is happening on your device - which is super helpful when we are trying to debug issues. It helps us iterate faster and solve problems more easily. However, we don’t take that access for granted and we want to ensure that Hosts have the agency and control to both turn that feature on and turn it off.


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