Quick Update - December the 4th

Today’s Dev Update

The dev teams are continuing to iterate and deliver improvements for Elemental Chat for Hosts, as we test for resilience when nodes join the application network and drop their connections.

Today we pushed new versions the hApp DNA and UI which addressed the following issues/improvements:

  • fix putting signal messages into wrong channel on arrival
  • fix bug where any zomeCall error will trigger UI disconnect, now checks if error is socket has gone down
  • change to display connecting modal on first launch
  • change to display indicator if messages arrive into channel other than current

We are still working on a few other UI usability improvements for Elemental Chat and we’re waiting for changes to Holochain that will change the way data is made available to all nodes when original authors are no longer online. Dev testing is going exceedingly well over all.

Aside from the work on releasing Elemental Chat for Hosts, the Holochain team is moving forward with usability improvements for developers. They are updating the HDK, preparing Holochain RSM for regular releases and they are catching up on the backlog of pull requests from the community.

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