Quick Update - December 19th

Today’s update

Elemental chat was promoted to QA this morning and we have just given the green light to promote to Community Testers!

After Holochain RSM landed basic networking a few weeks ago, the Holo team has worked hand in hand with the Holochain team to ensure we tested the fundamentals of Holochain RSM using Elemental Chat. I’m so happy to say today that the work has paid off and we are experiencing resilience and speed with more than 12 nodes connected in the test.

Elemental chat is not a perfect application. It’s a proof of concept chat application. There are known issues and it is feature-light, and that is intentional. We are not spending too much time making it a great chat application, we are instead focused on testing critical infrastructure of Holochain RSM and building the Holo platform.

If you want to see feature rich messaging on Holochain, you can check out Kizuna who are crowdfunding now to make this a reality.

Elemental Chat tests real-time transaction processing on Holochain using HoloPorts.
The Elemental Chat for Hosts release is our Infrastructure 1 Milestone on our Roadmap. Starting later today, we will open testing to more than 70 pre-release community testers. We plan to let this test continue for most of the next few weeks. After the new year, we’ll assess how that went and work to open the testing to all HoloPort and HoloPort+ owners.