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Quick Update - December 17th, 2021 - HoloFuel UX/UI test complete

Today’s Update

We’re extremely pleased with the feedback we received over the past week of testing the HoloFuel user experience and interface. Handshakes and hugs to all of our testers! Over 50+ people engaged in two pre-release tests with us–and the majority of the feedback was similar across many people. This makes it easy to determine ways we can improve HoloFuel before the next round of testing. Though the details are often nuanced, we’re happy to be finding and improving the HoloFuel app because it falls at a challenging intersection of app-types including: crypto, financial, and mutual credit.

Beyond that, we’re preparing for a few weeks of less intense focus on releases as we rest over the holidays, summer/winter solstice, and New Year’s. We think 2022 is going to be a massive year for us, both in sharing new Holo and Holochain tech and sharing about what we’re building with the rest of the world. Deep gratitude for joining us on this journey–we wouldn’t have come this far without you.


I am supposed to be in the alpha programme with my Holoport+, but I didn’t even know about this until I just got an email referring to it.

My Admin portal has everything graded out and no hApps installed, which has now been the case for several weeks.

What is going on here?


Are you on the Holo Forum?

Yes, I am.

That’s where you’re most likely to get the help you’re looking for :smiley: