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Quick Update - August 25th, 2021

Quick Update

An update for Elemental Chat has been deployed. This should make the experience smoother as we invite more users and the total number of messages continues to climb. If you’ve used Elemental Chat recently, come try it again and see if you notice the difference!

Hint: Try creating a new channel, send about 40 new messages, and compare to older channels.

You may notice a few things that are odd with the older data—but this is normal in a distributed app like Elemental Chat. Those things won’t be experienced when we deploy to the larger community but we’re not quite there yet. By welcoming more people into Elemental Chat, and continuing to chat in the pre-release environment, you’re helping us learn about how to make the hosted hApps infrastructure work even better.

Also, we’re getting real close to inviting our HoloPort hosts to register for the HoloPort Alpha Program. It has taken a little longer than we expected but we’ve been comfortable with waiting because we’re ensuring we can automate and communicate HoloPort details to each host who gets into the program. Stay tuned, on that front.