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Question about public vs private

Hi am just recently getting into understanding the concepts. I was telling some friends about Holochain and pointed them to some videos by Nick and Brock. In response, someone had a comment/question. Can someone help with an answer?

“Holochain seems a good option for private commercial block chains. Not sure how it works for public blockchains like bitcoin”
“Can Holochain support members not registered with an identity key to endorse key value pairs? If not, it is NOT public but private”
and my friend gives example of bitcoin as public application of a blockchain.
May be he is wrong and I think I can answer it but I am not confident and not sure about the terminology. Can someone give a quick answer or point me to a better location to post this?

Thank you!!!

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I can help with more reading material :wink:

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Thank you!! I will go through it and post back if I have questions.

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