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Question about hApp monetization

Hi Holonauts,

I am playing with this idea for some hApps and ways to monetize or create a business model around it. I came up with the following and I was wondering if this would be the way to go and/or if there are any other directions I should think of.

This is for standalone hApps and would like to explore how to incorporate Holo, because that is a bit where I got stuck/lost.

Let’s say I create something like Acorn and would like to sell this to companies.

  • The company creates an account on my centralized website.
  • The company subscribes for 20 monthly access tokens.
  • The website generates 20 tokens.
  • The company distributes these tokens to their employees.
  • An employee receives an email with token + download link for the hApp.
  • After downloading the hApp, the employee enters the token to authorize the hApp.
  • The hApp calls a centralized endpoint with the token to register the hApp.
  • The token is registered on the private chain and centralized database.
  • Every time the hApp starts, it calls the endpoint to see if it is still valid.
  • The company account can manage the tokens through the UI on the centralized server.

It would be cool if a company can distribute tokens anonymously. So it doesn’t know which employee uses which token…

Is the above a valid and SAFE way of doing something like this? Because this would be rather simple to implement and I can see a lot of use-cases for this pattern. Please let me know if I am missing something!

If the above is valid, it would be cool to be able to incorporate Holo into this. Let’s say an employee would like to use the hApp from within a browser. Would there be a similar pattern that could utilize centralized access tokens?

I think there are so many use-cases for companies to ditch centralized services and start using local hApps. Super excited!

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