Purchasing HOT on exchanges available to Washington residents - possible?

Are there any exchanges available to US residents of Washington state that anyone is aware of? I’ve done some research and it appears that options to buy HOT on exchanges for WA residents are scarce. I would sure love it if down the road as Holochain builds more interest that exchanges would pick this one up so it’s possible to buy with greater ease. If anyone has experience or suggestions on how to buy HOT in Washington, I would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading.

Hey dwoj206, welcome! I have found success swapping through metamask as well as through Atomic Wallet (purchased ADA on Coinbase, transferred that to atomic wallet for cheap, swapped in atomic wallet ADA for HOT.)

Apologies for not replying back sooner. Out of town. Thanks for your reply and I’m looking forward to participating in this project. Hoping to purchase a holoport to support the project as well ^_- Cheers

I’ve managed to acquire hot both on Metamask and Trust Wallet