Purchasing a Holo Miner

Hi how can I purchase a miner? Really believe in project!

I would really like to purchase one. I know they sold some in the past.

Really would appreciate any help.


I would like to purchase a holo port as well, if anyone can help, im located in Germany.

Also in the US

I sell mine!

Hi. There is no mining in Holochain. It is not a blockchain. So there is no such a thing like “Holo Miner”.

Holoport is a device that allows you to be hosting provider. As you host the content on the network, you earn HoloFuel. To join the waitlist for available Holoports, follow the link: Join Wait List – Holo

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Hi there
So you have a holoport ?


Yes, I have my Holoport+ in sale. It is of last december but it is new, i only opened it to see and test.

If you are interested, please send me PM.