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Dark mode available for the forums?

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Glad to see you choose Discourse for the holochain forum. :blush:
It’s really handy, and fun to use.

Themes can be activated by an admin.

Working well on mobile. Thanks for setting this up.


Ok dark mode should be active now.
You can enable it under Preferences/Interface.


Thank You :cry: -my eyes

Is looking great!

+1 to the dark mode suggestion!

Additional feature request: bookmarking / saving / following / favouriting user profiles.

Suggestion - give more guidance on what hoops a new user needs to jump in order to @ mention people in forum replies. This is crippling in terms of engagement! Would love clarity on whether that privilege is based on criteria relating to longevity or level of engagement.

Also shortcuts to skip said hoops - e.g. could we have a team member verify us to skip those hoops if we’ve been an offline collaborator and just getting into the forum?

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