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Provide Feedback on our new Developer Documentation

With the recent soft launch of our new Developer Documentation, we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback so far. Please complete the polls below, and feel free to comment if you have some additional feedback or suggestions to share.

Have you read the Core Concepts 1-6? If so, which are your favorite? (max 3)

  • 1: The Basics
  • 2: Application Architecture
  • 3: Private Data on your Local Source Chain
  • 4: Public Data on the DHT
  • 5: Linking Data Together
  • 6: Modifying and Deleting Data

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Have you completed the Core Concepts Tutorials 1-4? If so, which are your favorite? (max 2)

  • 1: Hello Holo Tutorial
  • 2: Hello Test Tutorial
  • 3: Hello GUI
  • 4: Hello Me

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Which missing documentation pieces are most critical to you, meaning the lack thereof is blocking you from moving forward?

  • Basic understanding of Holochain concepts (audience: CTO/business owners/technical)
  • Basic understanding of Holochain concepts (audience: non-technical, ELI5)
  • Application design patterns and examples
  • Better API references
  • Better code examples
  • Better starter app examples
  • Better tutorials (step by step)
  • Better How-tos (recipes solving a specific problem)
  • Better Holochain specification documentation
  • Holochain architecture
  • A fully functional app

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Which of the following would you like to see more of?

  • Holochain narrative and/or explanation documents regarding concepts?
  • Holochain-specification documentation with little interpretation?

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