Hi folks,

I just uploaded a video pitch for ProjectLiminality, a digital knowledge system enabling collective intelligence by focusing on stories as agents.

What I didn’t focus on in the pitch is that HoloChain is the perfect infrastructure to implement the project. In a sense the two go hand in hand like yin and yang. (since HoloChain DNA can be thought of as stories as well)

I’m curious what you guys think and eager to meet people who resonate with the idea and want to help implement it.



Congratulations! I saw your video after a recommendation by Jordan Hall on Facebook: "This is the best telling of the story that I have thus far encountered. Good enough to get me to come to FB to share it."

Congrats David, I saw this pop up on my YouTube feed the other day and watched it immediately, and I thought this was a brilliant explanation. I remember when I saw your first video I felt there was a ton of overlap with the things I was thinking about, and in this next phase of your project I see a lot of co-evolution with how my thoughts have expanded as well. Great job with all of this so far.

(I’d been meaning to reach out this weekend, but this just showed up in my inbox :sweat_smile:)

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