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Problems Exchanging HOT Coin

Hello - I’m sorry if this is the wrong forum - was not sure where to post this. Having much difficulty over last 24 hrs with authorizing and exchanging some of my HOT coins. Uniswap gets stuck trying to approve them for trade, Atomic Wallet shows as unavailable to trade and I am now stuck in a hold trying to send some HOT to Changelly for an exchange. Thank you for any insight or direction to correct forum.

Hi, welcome :smiley:

You could try Orion Protocol, which just recently listed HOT (it uses liquidity from Binance and other exchanges, plus its own liquidity pool) – Orion Protocol

How to trade on Orion: Learn How to Use Orion Terminal.

I’m appreciating your awareness that this might not be the right forum for these questions, and you’re right, this is intended to be more of a dev forum. The best place to ask these kinds of questions is probably r/Holohost on Reddit.

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Thanks so much!!