Practical Holo/Chaperone Embedding

I am interested in loading Chaperone and its dependencies into an existing framework so I can create dual-purpose web pages which talk to my web servers on one hand and to Holo on the other. For example, I want my users to be able to chat using holo and thus NOT keep the chat data in my application server databases.

Ideally I will be able to use Javascript to run my hApp UI,
where there will be Javascript per hApp that talks to a core Javascript library which interfaces with Holo via Chaperone running in an invisible iframe… or something like that.

I see GitHub - Holo-Host/chaperone-key-manager: Holochain-compatible key management for Holo web users, given me by Joel after he joined us on our Hackalong call a couple weeks ago… gratitude…

And I can see there’s going to need to be a bit of shoehorning to get all the correct dependencies loaded into the browsers.

Then I would like to run the holoport code on my servers and connect them–at first for testing–into a private mesh. Joel suggested I may need to “adjust the resolver.”

At this time, I am looking to see who is interested in this type of project, especially if anyone is interested who thinks they know exactly what to do … :slight_smile:

Hmmm. how to build the holoport code to run on a private debian server…
Hmmm. how to connect several such private holoports into a mesh that could eventually be patched to the live holo.
Hmmm. how to load a hApp onto the holoports
Hmmm. how to load all dependencies into a browser along with an existing web page such that I can use Javascript to access the hApp while using other Javascript to access the original website functionality.

I am very determined to see this dream become a reality,
and I would like that to happen efficiently by finding advice and help before starting my wheels spinning.

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@pauldaoust do you have any experience here?