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Potential for a holochain-rsm "dna_help" crate, so far with 4 uses as a utility

In this crate that I’ve been developing alongside the refactored acorn-hc code, I’ve got some utilities that I’ve developed for certain challenge areas of working with holochain-rsm

The four uses are:

  1. improve how Hashes such as HeaderHash, EntryHash, and AgentPubKey transmit over the wire (network) by providing a special wrapped serialization/deserialization type, converting the hashes to and from a simple string, instead of an object containing Buffers
  2. handle the retrieval of an entry that may have been updated, and yet return the ORIGINAL headerhash, instead of its own HeaderHash, providing your UI and API with consistent hashes that match the original (which you may have committed as CONTENTS in another entry, or linked between)
  3. get_links wrapper returns those same “latest” style entries, but for a collection
  4. crud! macro boilerplates create/read(many)/update/delete for an entry type, quick and easy

let me know if you want to use it, and have any questions…


Looks great, nice work!!

since this, they’ve branched some of the code I pushed, and some of their own, and come out with a crate being published on the holochain org :slight_smile: