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Possible misuse

Are there any steps already in place or even possible to stop, hinder or make unattractive possible misuse of holochain technology for criminal us as child pornography?
Holochain is a truly serverless, very resilient technology. How can that be used to make things tough, that for the sake of society should not get strengthened in any way? And how can that be foreseen and possibly prevented?

This open question is without background knowledge of my side of any ongoing discussions or efforts. I just wondered and wanted to take a step to ease my worry that this is taken care off.

Thanks for reading.

It helps to think of Holochain as a Platform or protocol standard like HTTP (web) or SMTP (email). There are inherently no content identifying elements to those standards. I can send an email with threats of harm as easily as a love letter. SMTP doesn’t know or care.
HTTP can serve porn or politics (maybe it’s the same thing these days :persevere:).
Holochain’s design patterns encourage cooperation with the idea that, like now, the majority of people will want to cooperate on beneficial projects. It’s not Holochain’s role to by default police content. The communities that form around Holochain must find their own ways to do that.

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@LifeSMyth what are the regulatory and legal implications for this? do we know?

@noid very important topic to bring up. it is quite the moral dilemma as we approach options for truly distributed networks. in the beginning, data on Holo is not anonymous nor is it guaranteed to be 100% private. however, its architecture does provide an excellent framework for that to eventually be possible. the industry as a whole has deep regulatory implications. as it stands, the filtering of abhorrent material is in the hands of the users.
just like The Facebook has to hire a 3rd party company to monitor sensitive content, so too will Holo rely on its participants to appropriately flag and then gossip about malicious actors. users can easily block / ban other nodes via utilization of agreed upon rules (DNA) and completely excommunicate them from shared membranes (DHTs) [think of them as mini-networks]

I have no idea. I’m sure the team has had some considerations of it. But that’s not what they are talking about publicly.