Portable Solar Panels/Solar Gadgets Running Holoports?

I honestly don’t know where to post this so I’ll just post it here… it was posted to Reditt too and I’m hoping to generate more discussion and also hear from people who are more technical than me.
Portable 100 Watt Solar Panel/Gadgets For Holoports?

I’m becoming increasingly interested in solar gadgets, portable solar panels, and portable solar generators. It occurred to me this morning how valuable this might be to someone running a Holoport if the electricity goes out. Wondering how many hours/days a small 100 watt portable solar panel could power a Holoport or a Holoport+? A quick search shows these can be purchased for about $100 or less (a kit for about $300)… still checking on using portables with battery storage but a 100 watt portable solar panel can produce at least 300 watts in most places, even cold darker places (and shorter days)… more than 400 watts in many places. Wondering too if some of the much smaller and less expensive solar gadgets could be used to power a Holoport and Holoport+ and for how long? Anyway, I’m thinking anyone running a Holoport should be thinking about these options… and they seem to be getting cheaper, smaller, more powerful, and designed to be more utilitarian! The idea of running a Holoport entirely on solar energy, especially from a home that’s not even equipped with solar, like an apartment/sailboat/etc, appeals to me as well… and if people actually start doing this, I think it would be great PR for Holochain/Holo… would highlight the fact they’re designed to be low energy devices! I would appreciate some discussion and education on this subject.

I keep my home router connected to a UPS which gives me about 30 minutes of Internet if the power goes down, ASSUMING the signal from my ISP keeps flowing. I have looked into the technical mechanics of that for any extended term instances, but it’s been nice to go down slowly and intentionally from my online engagements rather than suddenly when the need has arisen.

Holoports are one thing, traffic is another. :slight_smile:

I like the idea of connecting a Holoport to a UPS and I’m now wondering what the max amount a top of the line UPS could keep it running?