Podcast with Art Brock and Jean-François Noubel - Holochain Impacts

In this intimate group setting, Jean-François Noubel will explore with Rúna Bouius and Arthur Brock, the world of new technologies and how Holochain impacts our professional and personal lives.


Some time stamps that might come handy:

6:32 Question: Difference between Blockchain and Holochain? How will it help society evolve technologies and collective intelligence?
6:55 JF responds about Pyramidal structures and their overarching influence and concentration of power
11:50 Question: Difference between Blockchain and Holochain - What is CryptoMoney and CrytpoTechnology
12:30 Art responds Blockchain as “DataCentric” while Holochain is “AgentCentric” - thus data integrity, validation is done differently allowing scaling 15:20 People fell into “Money Game” instead of understanding Value of Technology which is “Intrinsic Data Integrity, Irrespective of Owner”
18:05 Question: Impacts of distributed application and examples?
18:20 Runna responds shift from Centralised to Distributed Economy “Abundance Mindset” 19:00 Social Dilemma of Big Tech in programming out minds
20:20 Question: How would it be different social media were run this way?
20:50 Arthur is providing Solution for “We the People” to Social Dilemma
22:25 Question: How holochain will help citizen led economy?
22:35 Holochain doesn’t have its own currency, while application imposes miniscule load to user, while being in charge of their data 23:30 Transition from Industrial Age to Information Age economy, adding volatility of Crypto will be backed by Value, starting with Hosting 25:55 commenting on Fiat issuance and “Fiat Lux”
26:52 Clarification: Like a Bartering System?
27:08 Art responds, “Creator of Value” “Issuer of Currency” and manipulation of values we create by Puppet Master like Bankers, Extractors and Middle men.
28:45 Question: How will current people on power will react?
29:40 Art responds, holochain is for specific problem, providing “Unenclosable Carrier” for people to codify their “Rule Set” 30:40 react to holochain! Since it’s pen source - with zero central control - will be hard to stop! 31:40 characteristic of “Unenclosable Carrier” 32:07 holochains Achilles heels
33:31 Question: How do we make our business evolve?
34:25 Runa mentions, Commons Engine course on Udemy

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