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Thanks for posting, I love watching brain food like this!

Like one of the comments I briefly scanned there are a growing number of projects like this, however as a one-size-fits-all solution I don’t believe the result would be as utopian as is made out to be in the video - and that may be the point, I admit I take things very literally :wink:

Theories are fantastic however it’s only upon implementation you begin to discover what works and what doesn’t, the unintended consequences and so on. For example, I lived in Brighton on the south coast of England from 2008-2016 having moved there because I thought it would have the ideal mix of artists, musicians, tech and biz people to start my “Open Source Coworking Cafe” concept. What I discovered was commercial rents higher than Old Street in central London; an ageing hippy population where most the creatives left involved in any kind of co-operative effort had made some money and were now living lives more akin to the rest of the country but liked to get involved in community events however without the same impetus as they would if it were still back when they were more needy of it; a ten year life expectancy age gap within a couple of miles due to the digital economy driving the centre fuelled by worked farmed out from London; and a well-meaning Green council who unfortunately couldn’t sort out bin collection, along with a growing tent city on every street.

As unbalanced as it is, the way things currently are is a Good Thing - from what I’ve seen it is often the disparity of situations that provides the growth, not the goal of developing some fits-all middle ground that often is only able to be created due to the remnants of this previous innovation that moves humanity forwards. Not least because whatever you or I believe, someone else will believe something else.

I saw this time and again in Open Source - wherever one side pulled too far one way, the other would pull back - it is not because it started out with the goal of sameness, but providing an environment where differences could be created then tried and tested in real life. Some of those differences carried on in different forms, sometimes one would ‘win’ outright, sometimes none but the experience led to a totally different solution being developed.

That said, the “hidden hand” top-down influence still unfortunately has the controlling position and it is only once people are more educated in terms of self-empowerment will this change, and videos like this, to me, serve only to provide yet another potential storyline people can attach to that isn’t theirs and thus diminish self-empowerment as opposed to increase it as the story professes, to me at least it seems, to do.

That’s my tuppence for the day lol :wink: