Please Help I Don't Know What To Do

I have an idea for an application that is different and that I am sure many people will like, but I don’t know how and where to start. But since I don’t understand, we can develop it together with a person who understands an idea to hold an idea, you can be sure of it. All I need is a colleague who understands software or a friend who can guide me.An application that will be useful for both students and people who want to improve themselves and make it fun and enjoyable

Hi! I assume that you are new to forum so if you introduce yourself on the “Welcome Thread” that would be helpful for you and others.

I don’t think that I can help you about the development of your app yet but I strongly advise you to learn some basic points.

To learn how to:

As an individual starting point to understand the core concept of holochain you can check this page The Basics - Holochain Docs also you may want to make some muscles so here is a gym for you :muscle: As you can realize holochain is developed with Rust so I think the best starting point is after read the core concept to get to know Rust Beginner Rust Resources good luck :stuck_out_tongue: