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Playing with an idea for a communication platform

Trying to make my notes more public lately:

I recently started using Twitter, I’ve basically never used it until now, and it’s actually a really interesting sense-making tool. I’ve been a long time Redditor, so Twitter is quite foreign, but I’ve noticed by only following people in the Intellectual Deep Web that you can get some pretty interesting conversations and curated content.

Things I think work and don’t work about discussion platforms:

  • Reddit places emphasis on communities around topics, helps focus related content. Downvotes clean up garbage content, for the most part.
  • Twitter inverts Reddit in it being about individuals in disjointed networks, not communities. If there are people you really trust to help you sense-make, Twitter is a great way to discover useful memes, content and participate in dialogic rationality.
  • Topics discussed within Twitter networks can be more diverse, but for most users it is more memetic than actual sense-making going on.
  • Twitter can easily lead to echo chambers with tag-driven tribalism, while Reddit enables more diversity of perspective on a particular topic. Abuse of downvotes on Reddit will typically only kill extremely unorthodox opinions.

More thoughts soon, these are just 2 platforms

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