Personas & Profiles

A hApp that lets users take control of their online presence, store all their identifying information in one place, and share that information with other hApps. Personas & Profiles GitHub repo.


How could this be used with the shared profile/avatar/karma system in the OASIS API (what powers Our World)?

Looks like another good fit. :grin::sparkling_heart::pray:

I’m going to try an answer / dig into this a bit but my knowledge of your project and personas is limited but let’s give it a go.

I have a feeling this could be used to make your profiles belong to your players. This might be useful for avoiding ever holding their data but also giving them ownership over what data the use in your game.

It might also make it easier to have users who connect in your game then connect in other apps.


Ok great thanks. Yeah that’s roughly along the lines of what I was thinking too and this works in a similar way to how I was originally designing the OASIS API/Profile/Avatar/karma system. :blush:

What I love about this forum and this amazing community that I have found many parts of what I was planning on building is already covered or partly covered by others saving me a lot of time and effort… Really grateful for that thank you all! :grin::tada::sparkling_heart::pray::tada::tada:


Tom is right, the way it works is the person stores their info and allows hApps access to it. We are going to extend it to support reputation and experience etc which like persona info is stored by the person and accessed by hApps as needed.
I’d like to help you out so keep posting here.

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Ok great thanks. :slight_smile: Was great to see you on the call last night on the last Dev Camp… :slight_smile: I also saw your recent video with David on Blockchain Brad and discovered you also come from a .NET background so I hope you noticed the .NET client I created HoloNET? :slight_smile:

Be great to have your help with that and the .NET HDK I want to create…

Be great to have a call sometime to talk about this and how we can expand and integrate the personas app to include the karma and avatar system from the OASIS API/Karma System/Our World… :slight_smile:

I wanted to talk about this last night on the call with you but didn’t feel it was the right place or time…

Keep up the great work, thank you! :slight_smile:

Sounds good. Have you spoken to Sid at Sacred Capital yet?

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Yes we had a call a couple of weeks back… :slight_smile:

We will be using their Reputation Interchange to help power the Karma System in Our World & The OASIS API…

In fact, we just released this blog post last night confirming this:

I forgot to mention on the Dev Camp call that the OASIS API also uses Graph QL/Apollo (which you mentioned) to bridge all of the different platforms/networks/protocols/api’s such as holochain, blockchains, activitypub and many more listed as Providers on my GitHub page… the idea is to help expose Holochain to all of these other networks/platforms and to help provide a migration path or stepping stone to Holochain when the other obsolete networks slowly phase out over time once Holochain is more established… :slight_smile:

When are you free? :slight_smile:

great! I’m back in Melbourne next week and can catch up on my Wednesday.
I’m keen to see your C# (I used to be a C# MVP) HoloNet in Unity.
I’ve been experimenting with using a DHT to setup connections for WebRTC too which would be sweet inside a 3d game for real time audio and video with other players.

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Ok great, your time zone is similar to mine too since I am in Bali so that will be handy… :slight_smile: I am normally free around 12pm to around 7 or 8pm so let me know when is good for you mate? Thanks :slight_smile:

How is the dev intensive going with the network code? You all still together in that house we saw at the Dev Camp? :slight_smile: