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I’ve been meaning to update my personal webpage for a long time but that seems to be one of those things that simply does not get done.

Also, with Holo not to far out of reach I was thinking how nice it would be to serve a personal page out of my Holoport (maybe with the help of a friend or two) at pretty much 0 cost.

Given the WordPress + Patreon discription of Humm, this seems like something that would be pretty in line with what you are doing no? I also think that this would be such a useful app for everyone that is still maintaining that little personal space somewhere.

Would be great to get some nice templates for “personal/organisational” presentation too, that we could reuse for ecommerce or whatever, or just as an extended “personas” kind of thing.

So my question is basically? Is this something you are working on now? Have you been contacted by others who are looking for the same thing?

Thanks for trailblazing! :fire:


We totally are planning to work on this!

As soon as Holo is at the performance and developmental capacity to support this, we are planning to enable exactly what you describe. We would love to encourage and cultivate a renaissance of the personal web space along with the unique abilities of interactivity and interoperability that Holo/chain enables.

Our ultimate goal in this line of development is to make it cool again for people to have their own personal website and still have the social functionality and feeling of connectivity that the social media behemoths currently enable.

:bulb: Imagine groups of people with Holo/chain powered personal websites connecting into their own self organizing cooperative discoverability networks (dhts) so that people could maintain their own website and not be off in their own little spaceship surrounded by open space. Think 2-way interactive RSS…

Can you expand on this a bit for me?


Fantastic! I am really looking forward to playing with that stuff. Maybe I’ll just keep my old site lingering and horridly out-dated :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was thinking about the demos I’ve seen of Philip Beadle showing Personas and Chat interoperability. Where Personas stores a bunch of basic info that can be pulled into other apps. And this, I figured, could be expanded so that I could set up presentation materials that can be pulled into other applications.

So say, for instance, that there is a food systems app in which I want to engage with my mushroom growing business, I wouldn’t have set up my business presentation material (layout of text, video, images, yada…) but that could be a kind of bridged section of the app which basically just loads a bridged “presentation page”. I also want to have another presentation of myself where I am an appdesigner and another one where I do permaculture/ecosystems design.

I guess all of this could be handled by just moving out of the specific app interface (the food market, skills share, social network, etc.) and to a personal web page where all of these might be present, but it would be nice to have a sort of standard that can be populated in applications. Like a “presentation” space which can be just read from something like personas that has both info, media and formatting. Maybe that would super clunky and not usable, but that is what I was thinking of when I wrote that paragraph :thinking:

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Yeah this is a cool idea. If I’m understanding your concept accurately, it seems like this could be additional fields linked to each persona in the identities and personas app… The idea bring that you can choose which persona to use for different contexts or applications.


yup, something like that. Text is a little bit of a pain to produce and even worse to maintain so at anytime this stuff can be re-used simply I’m smiling :slight_smile:

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THIS! Really love that!
In Jala we are creating a personal ID, calling it “Pretty Good ID” because it will be “community validated”. Now if I understand correctly where this is going we’d be able to plug that “functionality” in to that PGID so that people could present themselves, what is important to them and so on. It could also tie in with the reputation system @sidsthalekar is building with Sacred Capital…
I’d see it as a very sophisticated avatar which could use utterly finegrained settings so you’d always be sure who can see which side of you, AND it would allow people to request seeing stuff as well… something along those lines.

Thanks @Mushin. @nickmitchell - we’d love to chat when relevant. I think personas would benefit greatly from some of the stuff we’re building.


Yes after creating my business blog on Google Sites and then manually migrating that to Tumblr and operating it there for several years, I’m eager to migrate it to Humm when it is ready. I don’t worry so much about tight integration with any other apps, but just appreciate that I can have everything running on the same flexible infrastructure. I’m not that worried about templates and such as I know we will be able to layer on and modify the presentation later.

However it might be nice to automate - even partially - the conversion of old data. I know with Holochain it will be easy to have an app that reads from one site and generates some JSON for the websocket, so hopefully that will be something you make relatively easy to do. It seems possible that the way the DNA’s are setup and bridged that could be complicated. One way to do it would be to have me do a particular type of post with the GUI and then provide the JSON for that so that I can generate a bunch of similar versions.

Thanks for doing this project!