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Peer-chat fail

Peer-chat repo is a mess… old code, too much config to get it running… doesn’t work in the end… why is it pinned as a top repo on holochain github page?..

people coming into the space thinking… ahah a simple chat app i can get running and learn from, out of the box… no friggen way dude!

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Hi @nphias, thank you for the feedback. I’ll be adding this to our weekly feedback report and the feedback Trello Board for HC Core to see.

I’ll prob add it to our usability request list too. I’ll let you know if there are action items from this feedback.

FYI, I’ve moved your post to the feedback area.

Agreed, thanks for the feedback. The basic-chat repo replaces peer-chat as a beginner devs introduction to a functional hApp. This should soon be appearing as a top pinned repo in the holochain github org.

Similarly some feedback around this new repo would be appreciated.